The Game of Change Management

Be it a new machinery, a new software solution or adopting a new way of working, having a smooth change within a company always represents a challenge.

It doesn’t matter if the change is driven by business logic, legislative or technical needs, we need to consider the impact on the involved people and businesses.

We live in a fast-paced world that is constantly changing. To keep up, we need to be fast and agile. This means that when we start dealing with change, we must be efficient from the beginning or we may lose the momentum.

To be sure we are on the right track, we must see things from the management point of view, focusing on strategic and tactical plans but also on the human factor, keeping in mind our organisation culture, its values and the people involved.

We can simplify this by using four guidelines:

The Vision: the goal we want to achieve. It drives the change, expresses the needs of stakeholders and final users and ways to address them. The Vision is what will win over interested parties and all those involved in the project.

The Skills: representing the experience and tools that are needed to achieve the vision. It represents the professionalism of your team and the resources, economic or technological, that you need. To have them is to ensure that all aspects of the vision can become a reality.

The Planning: helps coordinate skills to achieve the vision. It will enable you to communicate efficiently and effectively inside and outside of your project. It will also help you anticipate the risks.

The Motivation: the driving force of a successful project. It is what makes people believe in your vision and what pushes them to spend the energy to achieve it.

If you only miss one of them, you may have a hard time implementing the change you hope to accomplish, and as in a game, you may find yourself at the starting point.

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