Meet Fausto Giani, the founder of P3MO-Team

P3MO-TeamFausto is a Project Manager, with education in mathematics and project management. With more than 15 years of experience, he has a proven track record in document and project management.

After obtaining a degree in Mathematics, while still doing research in the field of Cryptanalysis in both France and Italy, Fausto was invited to join Océ, leading company in professional printing. He started off as a part of a team of business consultants focused on Document Management and Legal Archiving.

Over the years, he gained an international reputation and progressed to being a Project Manager specialised in complex delivery projects and new solution deployment within Océ. Finally, in 2012, he was offered a position in Océ Business Services both as Project Manager and Business Developer. His main focus was on Digital Mailroom, Technical Documentation and Document Workflow & Management.

In 2013, with Canon’s acquisition of Océ, he was assigned to the new Services Innovation Team, Canon Business Services EMEA, as a Project Executive. Apart from the regular responsibilities of the Project Executive he is involved in standardising the offers and forming the new members of the Italian team.

To his great pleasure, he is currently a part of Canon Switzerland as a Project Manager, mainly focusing on cross-channel projects and international deliveries.


The P3MO-Team Blog

LOGOCModern life is getting more and more hectic. With our burdened schedules, solving a problem aside from performing well with the regular tasks can dry out our emotional and mental energy, to the very last drop. In times like this, we need a good piece of advice from someone who was once in our shoes. P3MO-Team blog offers this exact thing. It is a place where professionals can get ideas and advice how to overcome any issue they are dealing with. A place to exchange the experiences and stories so that we could an even better job and maximise our performance.

I dare to say that, so far, I’ve had a rich and successful career. Over the years, I’ve gathered substantial knowledge working in two great companies that allowed me to gain experience in different fields. In the early stages of my career gathering the needed information and skills was not easy, and most of the time I had to reinvent the wheel. This is the reason I am starting the blog. To share what I have learnt and to provide managers with a place where they can find proper advice, tested in practice, and a place where they can exchange stories with others and get new ideas.

– Fausto Giani