Everyone benefits from using templates: experienced Project Managers by saving some time and newbies by not having to make yet another thing from scratch. Here you can find templates for the most commonly used documents We made them generic so that you can easily adapt them to your particular needs.

Some of our templates will be standard and applicable in any context while others will be based on specific methodologies and approaches. We will upload documents for both internal (those you use only inside the project team) and external (shared outside the project team, with customers, suppliers, board etc.) use so that you can reap as many benefits as possible from our Templates section. We will keep them organised so that you can easily find the best fit for you without spending too much time on deciding which template to choose.

All that is left to say is – happy browsing!


Share every document, whatever its nature, with your team and/or stakeholders once it’s been filled. Checking that technical and strategical aspects are correctly reported is very important.

Few things will hurt your image more than sending a document that triggers an infinite exchange of mails and phone calls with a wide group of people not concerned with the remarks. Share it in small groups and then send the final version. Rest assured there will be someone who will still have some comments to add!

I always share drafts of my documents with my team, stakeholders and, when needed, customers and suppliers. In the case of multiple teams, send the document to the team leaders/Project Managers and not to their teams. Let them share it internally.

All shared documents are in Office format and are available for free download. Feel free to adapt them to your needs. If you decide to use them, I kindly ask you to keep the website name and logo. In the case of any questions on the topic or on how to use the template, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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